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Walkera is a popular brand in Quadcopter industry due to the features packed UAVs it products. In just few years, Walkera has gained its place in the World Drones Market. They are one of best drones manufacturer as well as innovative and reputed UAV company. Walkera Camera Drones are full of advanced features and reasonably priced.

We are authorized to sell all Walkera Products. Currently we sell a range of Walkera Drones including:

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BrushLess Tali Motor WK-WS-34-001
BrushLess Tali Motor for Walkera TALI H500 Drone - Replace...
BrushLess Motor for TALI H500 Drone. Replacement motor for...
Li Po for Devo F12E Radio 1600 mAh
Fix for damaged x350, corrupt boot loader. This is like...
This Gimabl supports iLook+ camera and Go Pro Series. This...
Video Transmitter for Go Pro camera. This transmitter is...
Spare GPS module for Walkera QR X350 Pro It includes wiring...
Tali GPS Module
Features: Operating voltage range: DC 11-18 Volts Circuit...
Body Kit for Walkera QR x350 Pro
Walkera QR X350 Brushless Motor This is newer motor for...
This one is for the Red under-lights, so the rear controllers.
This one is for the Green under-lights, so the front controllers. Brushless...
Walkera QR X350 Aluminium Case
QR X350 Pro Li-po battery(11.1V 5200mAh)
Li Po battery 5200 mAh fr QR X350 Multicopter
Propellers for Walkera QR X350. If you need a set of replacement...
Scout X4 Aluminium Carry Case
Scout X4 Case
You Save $14.00
Complete Body Kit for Scout x4 - cheap price Carbon Scout...
Brushless speed controller(RED)- Scout X4-Z-13 Brushless...
Scout X4 CW or CCW Motor
Option to Choose from the following: Walkera Scout X4-Z-12...
FCS X$ - Flight Controller
Battery for Walkera Scout x4 Quad
Carbon or Grey Props for Walkera Scout x4 UAV - The carbon...
Landing Gear Work Servo for Scout X4 - Select Carbon or...
Tali H500 Case
TALI H500 22.2V BATTERY Carbon Colour
Tali body kit - Walkera Tali h500
Brushless speed controller(WST-15AH(R) OR Brushless speed...
TALI H500 Flight controller FCS-H500
Tali Power Board
Propellers for Tali H500 & Scout X4 Carbon Drones
Walkera G-2D Brushless Gimbal
2 Axis Walkera Gimbal
G-3D 3 Axis camera gimbal. This gimbal works with all walkera...
Includes the following: iLook Camera Mushroom antenna Lens...
QR X800 UAV Drone is for those who want to take their flying...
Walkera QR X800 RTF F12E Professional UAV
QR X800 UAV Drone is for those who want to take their flying...
Perfect Professional Photography Solution.
Comes with Skyzone Google that will enhance your Drone Racing...
Walkera Runner 250 Basic 3 OSD plus Add Extras
Customize your own- Option to Add Runner Battery, Swap to...
You Save $375.00
The Pack Includes Extras- F12e LiPo Battery & Scout Quad...
You Save $120.00
FREE CASE INCLUDED - FREE SHIPPING - This is an advanced...
You Save $211.00
Just Add Fit your Go-Pro Hero Camera and Experience Amazing...
You Save $121.00
This is the best price TALI H500 drone you can get in Australia....
You Save $124.00
Walkera TALI CARBON H500 RTF 1 (Free Case) Extra Battery & Props - Best Deal
Comes with beautiful Aluminium Carry Case, this deal is...
You Save $291.00
Walkera TALI CARBON H500 RTF 1 FPV Camera UAV Drone
Extra Battery option available at discount price. This is...
You Save $170.00
Walkera Runner Advanced 250 Basic Ready-to-fly with 800...
Walkera Runner Advanced 250 Basic RTF with 1080 Pixel camera....
Fixed Plate for Walkera Runner 250 - Front Motor Fixed Plate
Leads to connect your Tx5804 Video Transmitter and drones....
Scout x4 GPS Fixed Block.
Dont stop flying - get parts and DIY. Landing Skid for Runner...
GPS module upgrade for Walkera Scout X4. Upgrade to receive...
If you need a replacement OSD for your Walkera Runner, this...
Replacement Walkera Runner 250 Power Board. This is the...
Landing Feet and Skit for Walkera QR x350 Pro Drones - Part...
This Package includes One Walkera QR x350 Quadcopter only....
You Save $44.00
Fixed plate for Wakera Runner 250 motor. Replacement Part...
Walkera Runner 250 Basic Anti-clockwise Electronic Speed...
Buy this Runner 250 Brush less motor if your current motor...
Replacement motor for Walkera Runner Basic 250. If you need...
Electronic Speed Controller or ESC for Runner 250 Basic...
Walkera Runner 250 Fixed Plate - Replacement fixed plate...
This is a Runner Advanced with 1080 px camera version BNF....
Antenna Fixing Mount for your walkera Runner. All parts...
Add Backpack for Runner - Custom Kit
Runner Battery Fixed Plate
Part z-06 - Battery fixing plate for Walkera Runner 250....
Need to fix your Walkera Runner? We sell the parts needed....
Buy All Parts for Runner 250 - Camera Fixed Plate
If your camera is broken and need a replacement runner camera...
Receiver for Walkera Runner 250 Quadcopter. Replacement...
Runner Tx5817 Transmitter
Replacement Transmitter for Walkera Runner 250-Z-21
Walkera Runner Main Board - Upper - Spare part for Walkera...
Need to fix your Walkera Runner - Get these Screw for Runner...
If you have crashed your Runner 250 - get the frame you...
The F210 Walkera Racing Drone with OSD is lighter and faster...
Walkera Furious 320 Racer
New Walkera Racing Drone - Walkera Furious Tilt Rotor Racing...
Walkera QR X350 Devo 7 GPS Drone
Affordable with 7 Channel Devo 7 Remote Control, this Drone...
QR X350 Value Pack with an Aluminium Case included (Limited...
Value for Money Quad-copter ready to connect with your Go...
You Save $145.00
This is one of the most Popular Drone with GPS and an affordable...
Popular Drone with GPS that will provide you great FPV Video...
You Save $50.00
10000 mAh Massive Storage Battery for Walkera QR X800. This...
Walkera Runner Fixed Block
Fixed Block for Walkera Runner 250 Racing Drone. Get all...
Need to replace you Racer's control board. Buy from us and...
Latest Release Walkera Runner 250 Drone. No one imagined...
This is the most Popular Drone that will provide you great...
You Save $120.00
Walkera QR X350 PRO F12E (iLook+) Drone
Add Extra QR X350 Battery for Just $48. Value for Money...
Includes Extra Devo F12e & QR X350 Battery & Case on top...
You Save $136.00

    Aaron Nankivell
    Perth, WA
    24 Mar 2022
    I've placed 3 orders now, with one going astray due to a courier mix-up. A quick email to JOSTech and it was resolved and delivere ... more
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    Aaron Nankivell
    Perth, WA
    24 Mar 2022
    I've placed 3 orders now, with one going astray due to a courier mix-up. A quick email to JOSTech and it was resolved and delivere ... more