The DJI Care refresh for Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Spark is a smart choice because, this care plan provides you peace of mind allowing you to fly your drone knowing you are covered. But, you must know everything about it. So read on..

What You need to Know About Activating DJI Care Refresh

  • The DJI Care must be activated within 48 hours of activating you Mavic, Phantom or DJI Spark.
  • You must select AU REGION in DJI WEB PAGE when registering the DJI Care Refresh, esle you will not be able to register
  • DJI Mavic, Phantom or Spark purchased from Authorized DJI retailer or distributor (DJI product purchase from Jostech Australia are genuine dji products and qualify for DJI care refresh or you can buy straight through us) channel will be elligible for DJI Care Refresh. (No grey imports).
  • Only New DJI drone may be registered for DJI Care Refresh.
  • You can bind your Mavic or Phantom for DJI Care Refresh from this link
  • You will need a serial number (SN) which can be located as shown in the picture below:
  • What is DJI Care Refresh?

    Its great decision to buy one of the DJI drones with the DJI care refresh. DJI Care Refresh is a warranty plan which offers you with assurance, protecting you against damages to your Phantom, Mavic or Spark depending on which drone you own. This care refresh is valid for 1 year and provides upto two replacements at extra cost if unintentional damages occur to your d, gimbal, or camera during normal use. Every time you request brand new replacement, you will be sent a drone that is new or like new in performance and reliability.


    Product Warranty Vs DJI Care Refresh

    All dji drones including Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro Plus, DJI Mavic Pro Drone and DJI Spark come with manufacturer warranty and nothing replaces this warranty. Whether you buy the DJI care refresh or not, you are still entilled to manufacturer warrantly.

    The manufacturer warranty is a guaratee that the Manufacturer ie DJI, provides to its product owners that the product will be free from manufacturing defects and quality issues.

    Under product warranty you will receive repair service if there is fault in your product arising from quality or manufacturing. So, you are covered with product warranty regardless of whether you buy the care refresh or not. Product warranty does not cover for things like crash or accedental damages in normal circumstances.

    In some cases you may receive a replacement under products warranty, especially when the manufacturer or service centers are unable to rectify the fault.

    So, its the level of warranty and what you can expect in each that accounts for the major difference between default product warranty and DJI Care Refresh (in other words - extra cover).


    What do You Get With DJI Care Refresh?

        • Upto two replacements in a year if your drone is damaged by accident during normal use. The care refresh covers Aircraft, battery, props and camera/gimbal.
        • It is valid for 12 months, no renewal is available.

    What is not Covered?




    what is not covered by dji care refresh for mavic pro and dji phantom 4 pro

    Claiming DJI Care Refresh

    You need to get in touch with DJI to arrange for repair or replacement, The dji support team will advise you regarding further steps you need to take. You can go to dji site and get support via live chat.

    Cost Of Replacement Under DJI Care Refresh

    First of all, you must understand that claiming dji care refresh replacement is NOT free. You will be charged a fee to get each replacement. But, if you think about a situation where your drone is damaged and fixing it will be significantly expensive or it cannot be fixed at all, this replacement cost is a small fraction that you will be required to pay. 

    DJI care refresh replacement cost in Australian Dollars:

    First Replacement (AUD) Second Replacement (AUD)
    DJI Spark DJI Care Refresh Replacement Charge $79.00 $99.00
    DJI Mavic Pro DJI Care Refresh Replacement Charge $139.00 $199.00
    DJI Phantom 4/Phantom 4 Pro Plus DJI Care Replacement Charge $209.00 $319.00