DJI Phantom 3

DJI Phantom 3

DJI Phantom 3 Series shares some of the exceptional features from DJI Inspire 1 making it a great Quadcopter at such an affordable price. It offers great value for money when we understand the technology DJI has used in their 3 Series drone. You get most the most advanced features in this drone including LightBridge Downlink Technology that will maximize the Control as well as the Vision Positioning System (VPS) that will enable the Phantom to maintain its position accurately making it possible for it to fly indoors where there is weaker GPS Reception. Choose DJI Drones for High Quality Filming & Photography. Make Phantom 3 Professional or Advanced UAV Your First Multicopter or upgrade to this Highly Advanced UAV Technology.


Brand New DJI Phantom 3 Series include unique features not available in the previous versions. Buy from a leading UAV supplier in Australia and get the cheapes prices & best deals. We are commited to providing you the quickest possible delivery to your door. With Free Courier Shipping available on all drones, take the advantage of our great prices and make your flying dreams true.

New: DJI Firmware upgrade in September will give the Phantom 3 Pro and Advanced the following functionality -

  • Follow Me function
  • Way Point & POI

Just upgrade your firmware and get started with the new features. Everyone had been waiting for long time for these great features.

DJI Phantom 3 Series - Professional & Advanced 

Latest DJI Phantom 3 come in two versions- Professional & Advanced. The Phantom 3 series is packed with ultra-modern features. Important features of DJI Phantom 3 Series (Professional & Advanced) are:

Amazing Aerial Vidoes & 3- Axis Gimbal

DJI Phantom 3 has been designed to provide high quality crisp images, high resolution and immersive footage with an integrated and stabilized camera with a 3- Axis Gimbal.

The Professional Version includes a 4k camera while the Advanced version has 1080p HD resolution. There is not doubt that the 4K camera is the best you can get, the camera in Advanced version matches with most HD cameras. So, you can rest assured that both Pro & Advanced versions are excellent Phantom 3 versions.

More About DJI 4k HD Camera (Phantom 3 Pro) and 1080p HD Camera (Phantom 3 Advanced)

Live HD Video - FPV Capability

Long Range Live video streaming & Ability to connect to your phone or tablets for 720p HD view of everything. This live view in this series is achieved by using DJI Lightbridge image transmission technoligy, a technology used by professional cinematographers & photographers. 
View HD while flying & enjoy this awesome drone.

Complete Control At Your Fingertips

With the new Phantom 3 remote with ability to to provide you full control for upto 2 kms, use all the features this Drone has to offer even more conveniently. The lightbridge technology takes care of all the communication to and from the DJI drone. This Series of DJI provides three times the range offered by previous phantoms.

More About Phantom 3 Remote


This Phantom even includes a Beginner Mode that helps new users to fly safely within a limited area, distance and altitude enabling you to have more control over the area your drone flies. The Geo Fence technology is capable of preventing the drone from flying into obtacles and unwanted areas. These features enhances first time pilots experience while providing much safer flight experience.


  • Use mobile app to do several things:
  • Automatic Video editing to piece together best footages
  • Livestream to Youtube
  • Live Map to track Phantom
  • Easy to use interface for adjusting camera & flight settings


Easy to use auto-pilot that makes life lot easier. Available at the touch of a button, this technology takes your flying experience to the next level.

With Failsale, Auto take off and Auto Return home features, this phantom undoubtedly has the most sought after features included.


This features helps in flying indoors or other GPS free areas. Visual and ultrasonic sensors scan the ground beneath your Phantom 3 for patterns, enabling it to identify its position and move accurately.

Other Major Features include:


Go to Phantom 3 Technical Specifications or Watch DJI Phantom 3 Videos

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