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Terms and Conditions
Terms & Condition - JOSTech Australia (referred to as JOSTech or We)
By using this website or by purchasing from this website- all users/customers agree to the below Terms and Conditions. You may not use or purchase from this website if you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions below.
Payment & Refund
JOSTech accepts variety of payment methods, including Bank Transfer, Credit Cards and Paypal. Items will be processed only after cleared payments are received. No credit is provided under any circumstances.
Refund will be processed into the account used for making payment. Refunds are subject to warranty and returns terms and condition.
Prices are subject to change without notice. There may be occasions where there is error in pricing. If the pricing is set to lower than intended price to error, customer may be asked to pay the difference before item is shipped (does not apply after shipment). Customers may receive refund if prices were set higher than intended due to error. There is no time limit for refunds- we will refund any extra money paid by customer as soon as it becomes obvious. It is JOSTech who will determine the above cases and act accordingly.
Warranty & Returns
All buyers are protected by Australian Consumer Law. Customers have the rights to purchase goods that are free from defects, fit for its purpose and meets products description. Australian Consumer law requires registered businesses to abide by these Warranty Laws. JOStech, at its discretion may elect to repair, replace or provide refund for any item that meets the terms and conditions set out below.
JOSTech Australia is Walkera & DJI approved reseller and therefore all Products purchased from JOSTech come with Manufacturer warranty (subject to Manufacturer Terms and Conditions).
Products, other than UAV  and hobby items, may have longer period of warranty. The return/refund period will be set out in the product description. Where return/refund has been displayed within the advertisement, the product will have the warranty period as specified
JOSTech Australia will honour warranty claims if: (Walkera Ltd Terms and Conditions Apply)
Item is returned within warranty period and
The item is faulty and does not operate (Dead on Arrival) or
The item stops working and has not sustained any damage and claim is made within warranty period or
If item does not match the description provided.
JOSTech will NOT accept return or warranty claim of any item bought from JOSTech if:
Item has been in a crash or sustained any damage unless customer meets manufacturer terms and condition for warranty repair. Its user's responsibility to re-charge battery and land drone before it runs out.
Any damage (including crash related) has been caused by negligence, wrong settings, dead battery, weather condition, user's skills during take off, flying and landing.
Item's original condition has been altered or attempt has been made to do so.
Claim is made after warranty period has expired/
Buyer simply changes mind.
Item is not returned with complete original packaging
Limited Liability

JOSTech Australia will not be liable for any damages or injuries caused due to the use of any of the products purchased from this website. This includes direct or indirect damages or injuries to the buyer or any third party. It is the buyer's responsibility to operate or use the items purchased from this online store with due care in regards to injury and damages to themselves and any other parties. JOStech accepts no liability whatsoever. These are subject to relevant laws.
Use of Website

By using this website, you agree to our terms and condition. If you do not, you may not use this site. JOSTech does not guarantee that the contents within this website are free from errors and omissions.
 It is responsibility of users to have anti-virus for protection against viruses or malware- JOSTech does not accept responsibility for any damages direct, indirect, implied, consequential or damage of any other nature to user/s or any third party.

No material in this website may be copied, altered or published. We  may have third party content from wholesaler or manufacturer or other suppliers. Copyright terms and conditions still appy. We take no responsibility if you infringe third party copy rights but may be held liable for it.
For further information email [email protected]

Kristian Spurling
03 May 2022
All good.
Jostech Australia
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Kristian Spurling
03 May 2022
All good.