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New Splash Waterproof RC Drone RTF Version
2016 Improved version -This is a brand new Waterproof Drone ever made. Comes with Aluminium Carry Case for easy transport. Fully waterproof packed with great features and is robust in performance.

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Note: This is Improved Version of Splashdrone that uses components from Auto version and is much better than the previous version. The Previous version price was $1200-1300. Now the price is slightly higher due to upgrade.

RTF Splash Drone - Quick Overview

This is a completely ready to fly (RTF) version that comes with a flight controller and telemetry remote (check the stats) already installed and setup making it ready to take off when you receive it.

Unlike many other Quads GYRO is active in Manual mode. 
You can fly this drone with confidence as this drone does not go out of control due to interference which will prevent fly aways. This feature-packed drone supports auto pilot, altitude and position lock and hold for stability, round cruise function, low battery auto landing, return home function and one button return home. These are the main features most people want in an advanced drone like this.

Splash drone is fully waterproof and includes a quick detached plate for fixing a waterproof camera.

Splash Drone RTF Overview
  •    Solid Build SplashDrone Body 
  •    One 40A ESC
  •    One 680K Motors
  •     Carbon Landing Gear
  •     Power Distribution Board
  •     4 x Carbon Props
  •     Splashdrone Flight Controller
  •     2.4G Telemetry Radio
  •     Aluminium Case for easy transport
  •     5200mAh Battery
  •     Balance Fast Charger
  •     Does not Include Camera or Gimbal
More Details of What is included in this RTF version Package:

.1.  Waterproof frame with hole and seal screw on the underside

2. Smart current distributor plate with dual voltage regulations (5V & 12V)

3. Motors: 650 KV specially treated brushless pancake (x4)

4. ESC: 40A high voltage/temperature ESC (x4)

5. LED lights: Super strong LEDs with low battery warning

6. Smart flight control system GPS that includes OSD module inside

7. High-end 8 channels telemetry radio remote controller

8. 4S 5200mAh 25C 14.8V LiPo (x1)

9. All in one smart balance charger (x1)

10. #1243 Self-tighten Carbon Fiber Propellers (x1set)

11. Waterproof vented cover (x1)

12. Quick-release landing gear (1set)

13. Quick-release camera and gimbal bracket (1)

14. SplashDrone RTF Suitcase. (x1)

Major Highlight - Splash Drone

Very easy to use, Splash drone is sure to rock. The Splash Drone is a fully waterproof drone capable of landing and floating on water.

This also a fully autonomous drone is packed with practical features, including: 

1. Payload release mechanism: Capable of dropping a two-pound payload at the flip of a switch. 

2. Waterproof Camera Gimbal: This 2 axis camera stabilizer allows the pilot to tilt the GoPro 
camera in the air and loose the fear of landing on water (FPV & Auto Ver only)

 3. GoPro Dive Case: Gets live video feed directly from the GoPro and into the video transmitter (FPV & Auto Ver only). 

4. Emergency flare: Can hover a flare light 300 feet in the air for up to 15 minutes. This is a 
huge improvement on traditional emergency flares that only last about a few seconds in the air. 

5. Lifesaver delivery: Splash Drone can delivery an automatically inflating life preserver to a swimmer in trouble in seconds. 

6. Integrated video transmitter: Can transmit a clear video signal for up to 2 mile. 

7. Follow me mode: Will follow the pilot wherever he goes without the need of piloting the drone. 
(Android included, iOS optional) - Only in Auto Splash Veriosn

8. App based control: Allows the pilot to fly the Splash Drone with an android device - Only in Auto Splash Version

9. Autonomous Missions: Allows the pilot to drop waypoints and have the Splash Drone execute a 
specific flight path. 

10. Return to Take off location: The Splash Drone will automatically return to its take off position if 
the radio contact is lost. 

11. Telemetry flight control and remote control system: Telemetry at the palm of your hands showing you its location, altitude, distance and battery status 

12. Self-tighten Propeller: Customized make #12” self-tighten carbon fiber propeller included. 13. Smart Balance Charger: Splash Drone Easy Battery Charger. No more complex setting. 

14. Aluminum Suitcase: Completely self-contained Aluminum Suitcase that is light and easy to carry with custom cut foam to keep everything safe and organized inside. Note: Autonomous features work with Android Devices.
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Splash Drone RTF What is the flying time with a fully charged battery ? What is the recharge time for the battery ? What is the maximum distance away for radio communications ? Does the Drone auto-return to base if it flies out of radio contact or loses radio contact ?

A 5200 mAh battery will give 15 - 23 mins flight. The Splashdrone battery can charge in about an hour - takes at least 35-40 mins with the Splashdrone Battery Charger. Max Radio it can go is 1 km. It will return to the base if you are using the drone in GPS mode and the GPS connection is good and there is no interference. I suggest you check the FAQ, it will provide you much better idea-

Kristian Spurling
03 May 2022
All good.
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Kristian Spurling
03 May 2022
All good.