Signal Extender Antenna - Phantom 2,3,4 & Inspire

Signal Extender Antenna - Phantom 2,3,4 & Inspire

Range Extender for DJI


Parabolic antenna's are used in the form of the most frequently used types of radar antenna installations. Parabolic antenna's consists of a circular parabolic reflector mirror with the light located in the focal points. Parabolic reflectors is made of metal, usually a metal frame covered with wire mesh inside.
Metal mesh width of the groove must be less than λ / 10. The metal coating is formed to act as a mirror reflector of radar energy. In this new updated version, we use a gold reflective material to enhance distance somewhat further. As each portion of the wavefront reaches the reflecting surface, it is shifted by 180 degrees, the phase angle and in all sections of the field will be sent out in the parallel paths of travel.
Basically, you can get increase of distance of up to 1000M with our ranges on Video and Control. As they are non-intrusive add on which won't void your warranty, we love this simple easy to use add-on.
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Short DescriptionRange Extender for DJI
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