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Spare parts for Walkera Runner Advanced and Runner 250 basic

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  1. Walkera Runner Props

    Propellers for Walkera Runner 250 - If your Walkera Runner Basic Props are damaged or simply want to keep extra props handy just in case you need one, these are the props you will need to keep going with the Racing.

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  2. Rear Motor Fixed Plate
    Fixed plate for Wakera Runner 250 motor. Replacement Part 250-Z-05 Learn More
  3. Front Motor Fixed Plate Runner 250
    Fixed Plate for Walkera Runner 250 - Front Motor Fixed Plate Learn More
  4. Runner Camera Fixed Plate
    Buy All Parts for Runner 250 - Camera Fixed Plate Learn More
  5. Walkera Runner Fixed Block
    Fixed Block for Walkera Runner 250 Racing Drone. Get all parts you need from us. Learn More
  6. Support Frame for Walkera Runner 250 Racing Quad
    If you have crashed your Runner 250 - get the frame you need to get to the sky again Learn More
  7. Runner Upper Main Board
    Walkera Runner Main Board - Upper - Spare part for Walkera Runner 250-z-2 Learn More
  8. Runner HD Mini Cam
    If your camera is broken and need a replacement runner camera - Get this Mini Racer Camera250-Z-24 Learn More
  9. Runner Antenna Fixing Mount
    Antenna Fixing Mount for your walkera Runner. All parts at one spot Learn More
  10. Runner Backpack
    Add Backpack for Runner - Custom Kit Learn More
  11. Runner Battery Fixed Plate
    Part z-06 - Battery fixing plate for Walkera Runner 250. If you have crashed your runner and broken the plate, buy this to fix your drone. Learn More
  12. Runner 250 Fixed Plate
    Walkera Runner 250 Fixed Plate - Replacement fixed plate for Runner 250 Racing Quadcopter. Get your drone Spare parts from JOStech Au. Part No - 250-Z-06 Learn More
  13. Screw Set - Runner UAV
    Need to fix your Walkera Runner - Get these Screw for Runner and get started again. Learn More
  14. Landing Skid for Runner Drone
    Dont stop flying - get parts and DIY. Landing Skid for Runner 250-Z-09 Learn More
  15. Walkera Runner Battery
    Runner Basic 250 Li Po Battery. Flying is exciting but we got to land before running out of battery. If you have extra batteries for you runner, you can fly longer. Just change the battery and keep flying - Don't lose momentum. Learn More
  16. Runner 250 Clockwise Brushless Motor

    Replacement motor for Walkera Runner Basic 250. If you need to replace your old motor, this is a Clockwise Runner 250 motor

    Learn More
  17. Runner 250 Basic Anti-Clockwise Motor

    Buy this Runner 250 Brush less motor if your current motor is not working. This is an Anti-Clockwise Walkera Runner 250 motor. Please select the right motor - Clockwise option is also available.

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  18. Runner 250 ESC ClockWise

    Electronic Speed Controller or ESC for Runner 250 Basic 3. Replacement Speed Controller Board for Walkera Runner 250 CW ESC

    Learn More
  19. Runner 250 AntiClockwise ESC

    Walkera Runner 250 Basic Anti-clockwise Electronic Speed Controller. Replacement Speed Controller or ESC for your Walkera Runner Basic 3. Runner CCW ESC.

    Learn More
  20. Power Board for Walkera Runner 250 Basic

    Replacement Walkera Runner 250 Power Board. This is the board for Runner Basic250 if you need a new one. SKU 250-Z-23

    Learn More
  21. Runner Tx5817 Transmitter
    Replacement Transmitter for Walkera Runner250-Z-21 Learn More
  22. Runner RC Quad Receiver RX710
    Receiver for Walkera Runner 250 Quadcopter. Replacement Part 250-Z-18 Learn More
  23. OSD for Walkera Runner 250 Drone
    If you need a replacement OSD for your Walkera Runner, this is the part you will need. Product Number 250-Z-25 Learn More
  24. Walkera Runner Main Control Board
    Need to replace you Racer's control board. Buy from us and get it quick via overnight shipping.SKU 250-Z-19 Learn More
  25. Runner Bottom Board
    Need to fix your Walkera Runner? We sell the parts needed. If your runner's board is broken - we sell it. Learn More
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